Client Testimonials

"The first thing that impressed me about working with Jeff Holman was his thoroughness. By e-mail, I had asked a few questions relating to updating our estate plan. His response addressed those questions but more importantly it pointed out other issues that I really should be considering. I found that very valuable and it gave me the confidence that he was working in our best interest."

 - Rick, Palo Alto

"Jeff Holman was recommended to us by the attorney we had used for fifty years, who had recently retired. My husband was very ill and could no longer sign his long term insurance bills and I didn't have the power to do so. I called Jeff and he came to the hospital and got my husband's signature for power of attorney. I'm grateful for that act of kindness; it was beyond the call of duty.

"Needless to say, I'm a new client.  I've found all the persons in the office to be helpful and business-like, but with a personal touch. Thank you."

- Thelma, Los Altos

"I needed to update my will and trust and was referred to Jeff by some good friends. I was very satisfied with his service. Jeff will continue to be my lawyer in the future, and I will absolutely refer him to others…in fact I've already done so twice."

- Munro, Palo Alto

"Jeff has solved a lot of very complex problems in our family estate plan, but one particularly successful example was a recent intra-family loan where we engineered a solution that made everybody happy, kept everybody honest, and kept the IRS from knocking on anyone's door. I couldn't have been more pleased to have Jeff in our corner."

- Steve, Cupertino

"It was such a pleasure to work with Jeff. Not only did he clearly explain our estate planning options, he provided us with detailed instructions on how to implement our trusts, including how to transfer assets and name accounts. He cheerfully and patiently answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns with considerate and compassionate responses. 

We have not hesitated to recommend Jeff and we look forward to working with him in the future." 

- Stacey, Menlo Park

"We had been clients of Ken Kaye for a long time. When we decided our 1985 trust needed to be redone again to reflect the change in estate tax laws and the unknown future of these laws, we met with Jeff Holman to review our goals at the stage of our life. We have a grandson who we want to protect financially and provide funds for his education and future. And we want our son and his wife to also have the benefit of our estate when we pass on.

We are really delighted with the proposals of Jeff for various trusts, our wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives to be created to meet our objectives. Jeff was thoughtful, getting to the bottom of our intent and structuring the trusts so that there is much flexibility for our son to make decisions at the proper time.

"Jeff took questions by email and then met with us to address these. It went very smoothly. We are asking our son and his wife to work with Jeff to provide trusts, wills, etc. for their needs. We believe they will be delighted in working with him also."

- Pat & Pete, Los Altos

"I appreciated the close relationship Jeff has with our own CPA, who referred us to Jeff. All bases were covered in a coordinated way, especially avoiding the MRD penalty for the estate."
- Terry, Cupertino

"I met Jeff through his partner Ken when I was looking for quality attorneys that I could refer my financial planning clients to. Jeff is knowledgeable and accessible. He makes everyone feel comfortable and well taken care of. Most recently, Jeff has helped a client of mine who found herself involved in an uncomfortable estate situation where the family was very fractured and disagreeable. He was able to dig through large piles of information and organize it into a thoughtful presentation that accomplished my client’s estate planning needs. In another situation, Jeff made himself available to assist a client of mine who was in the hospital and diagnosed with advanced cancer. Her estate plan had not even been started but, within a short time, she had all her pertinent documents in hand to share with her family. In both of these situations Jeff was courteous, professional and generous with his time.

In addition to assisting my clients, Jeff has shared his knowledge with other professionals looking to enter into the financial planning field by being a guest speaker at my UCSC extension class.

Jeff continues to exceed my expectations. He is a true client-focused individual in a time when customer service is more often a memory. His experience, expertise and diligence give me confidence to know that anyone working with Jeff will always get his best and be well satisfied."

- Laura, Campbell

"We were referred to Jeff Holman several years ago for wills and estate planning. We found the process interesting and were well pleased with the finished product. Since then, as other matters have come up that might require the services of an attorney, we have turned again to Jeff for guidance and help.

"Jeff is very pleasant to work with. He is careful to understand the whole story, and his response is, consequently, timely and appropriate. We are well satisfied that if Jeff undertakes to handle something, it will be done right."

- Richard & Betty, Palo Alto

"Recently my partner and I engaged the services of Jeff Holman at Holman Kaye Law Group. We wanted to set up trusts as well as sign durable powers of attorney and advanced health care papers so that all of our wishes for the future would be on record - something we'd managed to avoid doing for quite some time! We found Jeff via the Internet; when his name and group popped up under "trust attorney, Los Altos," and we checked out the web site, we knew we'd found the right person. His office was nearby, and, most important, his education and credentials were topnotch. 

"It turned out that he was very personable as well as very knowledgeable. He put us right at ease, and made the whole process as stressless as possible. We had a lot of questions, and it took a while to complete all the documents because of our business travel and a vacation, but Jeff gave us all the answers in clear, understandable language, and he didn't pressure us to finish up quickly. He always got right back to us when we e-mailed questions or concerns. By giving us practical information and informed options for different ways to handle things, he helped us make the right decisions for our particular situation. We would definitely work with Jeff again, and recommend him highly. In fact, when my son and daughter-in-law decided they wanted to establish a trust and get their planning papers in order, we gave them Jeff's name. Dealing with illness and end-of-life matters is never any fun, but we all feel good now that we've thought out our wishes and they're legally set down on paper. Working with Jeff was a good thing to do."

- Carol, Los Altos

"Jeff Holman, and Ken Kaye before him, have handled my legal concerns over the past 30-some years. Recently, I've entrusted Jeff Holman with administering a neighbor's estate at her death and advising me how to handle a large monetary gift to my daughter. In the near future, Jeff will review and advise me on updating my 1971 trust. I feel that Jeff Holman is very trustworthy and knowledgeable."

- Marilyn, Palo Alto


"We started estate planning with Jeff Holman while expecting our first child. Our objectives were to create a trust, if needed, and to ensure that our wishes for our family would be carried out if we were not here to carry them out ourselves. 

We were extremely happy with the attention that was given to our needs and requests and the expertise of Jeff. Furthermore, his staff is excellent at answering questions and follow up as well, which makes for an overall very good experience!

"We valued the information and education that we received around estate planning as well as the security that we have someone with expertise working on our behalf. We feel confident in the work that was performed for us/our family. It's reassuring to know Jeff is there to guide us through future interactions as well. Our expectations were high surrounding what we would accomplish, and there was NEVER a moment that those expectations were not at least met, or surpassed in every area!

We were surprised just how complicated this all is and how hard it is to remember all the details. Working with Jeff makes that easier; we get to leave him as the expert! We would absolutely work with Holman Kaye Law Group again, and have already recommended Jeff to several friends of ours considering estate planning. 

Jeff is a brilliant attorney who is an expert in his field. He will work very hard for you and/or your family. He pays close attention to each and every detail and his follow up is superb! He is respectful, honest, and educates his clients about estate planning in a way that one can understand."  

- Amy Jo, Piedmont

"I owned property with a friend who passed away in 2009 without having a will. I needed legal advice and assistance to know if my home was in jeopardy in any way. The title to my residence had been written wrong and subsequently had been recorded incorrectly.

"I met Jeff Holman through my financial advisor who knew of Jeff's expertise and recommended meeting him. Right from the start, I liked the way Jeff talked to me. He was tough minded and compassionate. I appreciated his tenacity to get to the bottom of the problem, keep me informed and make recommendations of how to resolve the situation.

"When I walked into Jeff's office the first time, I was fearful of loosing my home because of a clerical error at the hand of the title company. Once I learned that the title had to be corrected by a Judge, I figured it would take a long time and lots of money to correct. I was very relieved in just a few months... when Jeff called me after the court date saying that the Judge had ruled in my favor and that everything was done and clear. Feeling happy and tearful is exactly how I felt!

"I am now working with Jeff on my estate plan and I would absolutely recommend him to others. The level of service I receive from Jeff and his colleagues is not dependent on the value of my estate. He is a man of integrity and a friend!"

- Ramona, Sunnyvale

"We needed new wills and a new trust agreement when we moved to California. Jeff Holman was recommended to us by our son who knew him. Jeff has done other work for us also, and we've always been very satisfied! Any service was done promptly. We also have enjoyed knowing Jeff personally and trust him completely."

- Ray & Elizabeth, Palo Alto

"My father had worked with Mr. Kaye so all of his records were with him. On my father's passing, we went to Mr. Kaye and were introduced to Mr. Holman. Mr. Holman settled my father's estate. He was very pleasant to work with and was always willing to answer any questions at any time. The process went very smoothly.  We have since moved to Nevada, but if someone asked about a California lawyer, I would highly recommend Mr. Holman."

- Catherine, Reno, NV

"We originally worked with Jeff Holman to help my mother whose estate papers needed updating (change of state, etc.). Jeff met with us and led us through the analysis and decision-making process with intelligence, sensitivity, and great attention to details that really matter. He set up a trust for my mother, as well as advanced healthcare directive, updated will, and so on. We later went to Jeff, again, to set up our own trust and related documents. We've been extremely pleased and satisfied in our meetings with Jeff Holman and in the services he has provided!"

- Casey & Randy, Palo Alto

"As an attorney and as a person, Jeff Holman was very easy to be comfortable with. I always felt that my needs were being looked after and that he was doing everything that could be done to rectify my situation. When he wasn't sure about something, he told me so and would then find a creative solution to the problem. I was also happy with his staff and their friendly and professional interaction with me. I am very satisfied with Jeff and his office and would recommend him and his services."

- Chip, Cupertino

"We learned about Jeff from a close friend. We were very satisfied with every aspect of his service – especially the prompt attention as time was of the essence. We felt the charges were fair in comparison to previous attorneys. We thank you and will continue to work with you."

- James & Patricia, Atherton

"We enjoyed Jeff's congenial personality and regard for our needs. The office staff was friendly and attentive. The service was wonderful."

- Tom & Joan, Sunnyvale

"We were very pleased with Ken Kaye's work and are happy to see that Jeff is continuing this tradition."

- Sanford & Enid, Los Altos

"I appreciated your care to every detail and following up with me while I was sick. You are the best."

- Claudette, Mountain View