Related Services

In addition to (or, more accurately, as part of) our core trust and estate practice, we regularly help clients in certain related areas of law: 

Real Estate Transactions

We frequently assist clients with legal aspects of various types of real estate transactions. Examples of the work we do include:

  • Preparing or reviewing purchase and sale agreements
  • Preparing co-ownership agreements
  • Advising on intra-family transaction structure options (purchase/sale, gift, loan, etc.)
  • Preparing promissory notes and deeds of trust for secured loan transactions
  • Providing counsel and assistance on property tax matters

Business Entities

We have assisted many of our trust and estate clients with the establishment and maintenance of closely-held business entities such as partnerships, LLCs and S-corporations, etc. We regularly advise and assist on matters such as:

  • Choice-of entity decisions
  • Entity formation
  • Governing documents
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Entity conversions (state-to-state, change of form, etc.)  

Tax Matters

Many trust and estate attorneys refer clients to CPAs or other professionals when complicated tax issues arise. We regularly handle challenging tax matters ourselves. (In fact, a handful of accountants turn to us for assistance from time to time.)

  • We often prepare gift and estate tax returns for our clients, and we are equally happy to provide whatever advice or assistance may be needed when a client's accountant is preparing the returns.
  • Although we generally don't prepare Form 1041 (fiduciary income tax returns) ourselves, we do frequently help answer technical questions about the income taxation of trusts and estates.